Manga Profile

Manga Profile


Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Birthday: January 6
Blood Type: AB
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Nihon Soba
Least Favorite Food: Milk
Hobby: Reading, Collecting Lamps
Favorite Subject: World History
Worst Subject: Physical Education
Strong Point: Injury Treatment
Dream: To be a Nurse

Hotaru’s Family

Hotaru is an only child, and lives with her father, Tomoe Souichi, who rejected by the other scientists. Even though he is a scientist he is also the principle at Hotaru’s school, Infinity Academy. When Hotaru was little, a fire had started in the Infinity zone and Hotaru’s mother, Keiko, died in the fire. After the fire Souichi went kind of insane. Afterwards, the Death Busters came to Tomoe in his lab during a big experiment, and he joined them. Hotaru was seriously injured when the fire occurred and her father would do anything to save her so he made her into a cyborg. Tomoe eventually transforms into a monster superhuman after the Sailor Senshi try to save Chibi-Usa by destroying the Death Busters. Souichi is killed by Super Sailor Moon in the end.

After Hotaru’s father dies the outer Senshi take care of Hotaru. So they become like a second family to Hotaru, and Hotaru calls them “Haruka-papa”, “Michiru-mama”, and “Setsuna-mama”.

Tomoe Souichi:

Tomoe Keiko:

Professor Souichi Tomoe

Tomoe Keiko
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The Sailor Senshi Page )


Death Reborn Revolution
Saturn’s attack in which she raises up her Silence Glaive and is wrapped in a lot of ribbons. This attack is very powerful, powerful enough to destroy a planet.

Silence Wall
Saturn puts up a barrier to protect her and the other Senshi

Silence Glaive Surprise
This attack is just like the Silence Glaive Surprise in the Anime

Galactica Glaive Surprise
Evil Sailor Saturn uses this attack in the the Star Season.

Galactica Cannon
This attack is performed by Evil Sailor Saturn and Pluto.



Saturn Crystal Power, Make-Up
Hotaru’s henshin words to transform into Sailor Star Saturn in Sailor Stars