Most of the sites I got the information from have been taken down or deleted over the years. I still left all of the names of the sites I originally found the content from listed below. I do not own any rights to the character Sailor Saturn/Hotaru. All rights are reserved to the creator Naoko Takeuchi


Both of the images came from MoonPrism.NET.

I got almost all my pictures from:

I got some pictures from:**

The lyrics are from:

Some information is from:
The Sailor Senshi Page

The Mythology Information from:
Eternal Flames**

The Picture(with the outers) in the Seryamyu section:

The information and pictures of the actresses in the Seramyu section:
Myu Central @**

The information and pictures of the last two actresses in the Seramyu section:**

The information and picture in the voice actresses section:
Minaguchi Yuko**

The information and picture about the planet Saturn:
Solar Views

There are some fanart images in the gallery from but I didn’t get them from this site:
Anex Hotaru**

**= Link Not Available